Narysuj co czujesz


Bangkok| Tajlandia

Kiedy spytaliśmy Gift z M:aD, z którym światozmieniaczem/ką z ich społeczności powinniśmy się spotkać, Chatchai...

Drawing Your Feelings


Bangkok| Thailand

When we asked Gift from M:aD which changemakers from their community should we meet, Chatchai Aphibanpoonpon,...

- In Spain the system of teaching foreign languages ​​is completely pointless.

- In Italy, we learn the rules and structure, but communication? Not at all!

- In...

- W Hiszpanii system nauczania języków obcych jest zupełnie bez sensu.

- We Włoszech uczą reguł i struktur, ale komunikacji? Wcale!

- W Polsce po lekcjach języka...

- In Spagna il metodo di insegnamento delle lingue straniere è del tutto inutile.

- In Italia, impariamo le regole e la struttura; ma la comunicazione? Zero!

- I...

Lans dla babcie


Warszawa| Polska

Myślałam, że będzie to po prostu spotkanie z Pauliną. Może jeszcze DJ Janeczką. To co zastałam po otworzeniu drzwi mieszk...

Una nonna sui piatti


Varsavia| Polonia

Pensavo sarebbe stata solo una tranquilla chiacchierata con Paulina. Forse anche con DJ Janeczka. Quello che ho tro...

Grandma DJ


Warsaw| Poland

I thought it would be just an easy-going chat with Paulina. Maybe also with DJ Janeczka. What I found behind the door of a flat...

Yesterday we started our campaign on Polak(ka) Potrafi platform. During last 24h seven people supported us, thank you a lot! First price of MARCO POLO, ALBERT...

Hi! We are Anna and Andrea and we decided to go around the world. This blog describe our thoughts, vision, motivations, preparations and everything happening b...

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We are Anna and Andrea, a Polish-Italian couple traveling around the world. We are looking for changemakers,  in order to describe and share their stories.

Our journey is based on exchange: story telling and other skills in exchange for a place to sleep and food. 

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