Batumi -love

Tbilisi - playing

Tbilisi - Mother Georgia


Tbilisi - flea market

Tbilisi - culinary tradition

Tbilisi - meditation

Rustavi - industrial city

Mestia- walking on white

Rustavi - orchestra

Tbilisi - candles

Tbilisi - bread

Tbilisi - centre

Mestia- towers1


Mestia- river

Mestia- towers3

Mestia- top

Mestia- glacier

Kutaisi - Colchis fountain detail

Kutaisi - detail

Kutaisi - Colchis fountain

Kutaisi - old jobs

Mestia- country road

Kutaisi -

Kutaisi - Bagrati Cathedral

Kutaisi - bathesim


Kazbegi - valley


Kazbegi - tracks2

Kazbegi - a church up there

Jvari Monastery

Kazbegi - old animal

Kazbegi - nature

Kazbegi - snow

Kazbegi - priest

Kazbegi - by dusk


alien church

Batumi - trees

Batumi - old and new

Batumi -light

Batumi -Liberte

Batumi - eggs

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We are Anna and Andrea, a Polish-Italian couple traveling around the world. We are looking for changemakers,  in order to describe and share their stories.

Our journey is based on exchange: story telling and other skills in exchange for a place to sleep and food. 

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