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Today happened something which I’m in fact afraid to believe in. I met Agata from Ashoka, which I got to know thanks to Ela. We supposed to meet to discuss collaboration in one of Ashoka project. When I was going to the meeting I was thinking that this is the stupidest thing ever. I plan to leave in half a year and I’m going to discuss coordination of the project which I would probably love when I get to know more details. Perfect idea for making decision of leaving more difficult. But I decided to go. Maybe we’ll anyway find some way to make this world a little bit better together…

That was amazing hour. Stories which Agata told me were amazing, all her involvement, believe, people which she mentioned. From first minute I had no doubts that I want to work with them. And I was more and more depressed inside thinking that well… I cannot agree for one year project. I told her about my doubts. And we started to plan next things. Maybe I help at the beginning with this project and also will organize some English teaching project and meanwhile we would prepare our travel around the world, contact Ashoka members from different countries, stay with them, work with them, exchange our skills and experiences… If it become true… I’m too scared to believe it.

Sounds so incredibly good. And I’m already in love with Ashoka ideas and projects… Hard to wait these few days which we agreed to wait before next contact.

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