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By chance?

It’s incredible. You made decision. You are sure it’s right one. And suddenly everything and everybody around start to be somehow connected with that. You meet right people. You get right information. You see more and more opportunities. You open your eyes for so many things.

I’m just coming back from next coaching training. Obviously during all exercise I analyze our plan, our idea. I discovered a lot of new things and new ideas. But much more amazing were two meetings which took place those days. Yesterday I met Ada. Meeting with her are one of the most important things which happen to me during last few months. Whenever we meet we discuss things which in this particular moment are extremely important for me. Our 2-3 hours talks always open a lot of new thoughts and perspectives. It was like that with Buddism. Minimalism. Being a women. Sexuality. Unschooling. And now with following your path. And with intuition and love toward the world. Suddenly the decision of starting from Asia make much more sense. Buddism, meditation, insight. I feel that Asia is the right place to discover it more.

And second meeting was completely by chance. I set in my place in train and Kasia suddenly crossed the door. We started to speak, just small talk, we haven’t seen each other since years in fact. And then, word after word we discover that we both are leaving Warsaw. And we both have similar idea about travelling in general and can support a lot our plans. She can give us a lot of contacts to people from different countries in Asia and we (hopefully) could take care about her cats, at least for few next months. Meeting by chance. Maybe there is no chance in our life. Just dreams and strength to follow them.

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