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Today I’ve had my first Russian class. It seems that among all languages which I had some chance to learn during next few months this is the most useful in Asia. So I’ve started. I felt like kindergarden kid, trying to learn alphabet. Quite funny feeling J My teacher is Dorota, which I found thanks to Wymiennik, website in which you can share your skills with others. Help some people and gain help from the other. Very nice idea.

Speaking about languages, since few days I think about language which I should use to describe all those experiences. On one hand, I’ve started in English so more people can read it (as well as Andrea). On the other, I can express myself much better in Polish and in fact maybe one day I would like to write articles and book, and I would definitely do it in Polish, only then thinking about translation. So I have no idea what to do. Probably for now sometimes I would write in Polish, sometimes in English… Not even mentioned Italian, which if we consider to write f.e. about food from different countries also should be taken into consideration… Complicato. Skomplikowane. Complicated…

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