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As I belong to Polish Scouting and Guiding Association, one of my plan was to speak with them and maybe start some kind of collaboration – we can promote our organization abroad and gain some help from them in promoting our initiative in Poland and finding scouts abroad how will be willing to host us. I thought that in April, maybe May, when we have ready plan, website and everything I just go to the office and start to speak with people. As usually, it happened differently. Wednesday by chance I had opportunity to speak with few people from our Promotion Department and following the moment I told them about our plan. Much earlier than I planed, but it was really good moment to do that. What would be next? No idea. But for a while after telling them officially that I’m leaving and how I’m going to do that I started to feel fear. It was maybe first so official declaration. Big step toward direction from which it wold be difficult to come back. We go. Still cannot believe that although all my thoughts are connected with that travel.

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