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Feminist camp

One of the most difficult decision which I had to make till now was to resign from co-organization of Feminist camp, which I helped to organize also last year. I have to accept that I would not be able to do everything what I want, and going for 10-days camp one month before leaving is one of those things. Also recruitment for this camp, which supposed to be my task, is really time and energy consuming. All in all, I’ve decided to resign now and not risk failure when the time would be much more difficult – at the end of recruitment or just before camp. Now I still have time to support those who will do this job instead of me, there is at least few more quite calm weeks before the most busy time come. Although – as I said, it was hard. First of all because I know that I put rest of the team in difficult situation. I leave them, even if few weeks ago I confirm that I would do my tasks. Secondly, those camps were really one of the most important things which happened to me last years. I took part in them twice: once as participant and once as a person who organized it together with other woman. Both experiences were very, very important and changed a lot in my way of thinking and understanding the world. And I have no doubts that next camp would also have enormous impact on me. I’ve never felt as safe as during those camps. I’ve never be a part of group which would be so open, honest, care so much about others’ needs. There is no words to discover unique atmosphere which we create together during those 10 days. I would miss it. I’m really sorry for leaving now. And I recommend all of you to go to this camp. I can promise you: you would not regret.

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