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It’s amazing how differently people react for the news of going around the world. There are some, who immediately start to tell us who and where they know, which countries they visited so can share the knowledge, which book they can give us etc. There are others, who just change the topic. Or ask questions which shows that they didn’t get the point. Some stay silent. Some say they would like to do the same, but it’s impossible for them (because of…. money/time/situation in life and thousand things which we also have to face). Some are not surprised. Some don’t believe.

Also for us it’s not always easy to start the topic.

How are you?

Fine, just planning to go around the world.

Ah, I’m fine too, just bought tickets to cinema.

It almost never finish in few sentences. Once you open the issue you have to be ready for questions and have time to answer and discuss. On the other hand it’s difficult to not tell people. Being our friends they have right to know, to get the information from us, not later, by chance, from somebody else.

Facing that soon become our daily thing. Although I’m not sure we can be used to that. Every time I share the news I feel it strongly. Doesn’t matter how many times I’ve done it already.

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