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One of the most important thing which we need to have before starting is contacts. To different people in different countries who can give us information and support us during a way or stay in particular place. And that’s what we in fact do now. We speak a lot with everybody around, about their experience and people which they know. We write down all advice, check information which somebody told us to be careful about, note any possible email and phone number of those who can know more. We are extremely grateful to everybody, but one person should be especially mentioned. I wrote about her some time ago, while telling the story of meeting Kasia by chance in the door of the train. Few days later we met and Kasia for three hours was giving us a lot of names of people from all over the world and information who are they and how they could help us. I’m extremely impressed by her amazing memory: it’s incredible for me how you could remember all those names, some of them sound completely different than what we are used to. Thanks a lot for all your help, thanks to you we have table in our google drive document for almost all countries in the world, although at the beginning we created only Asia’s one. Thank you and we keep fingers crossed for your adventure :)

And of course, if any of you have some contact which are worth to share, we would be more than grateful to listen about that :)

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