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This year I participate in Coaching School where I learn how to be a coach. Beside knowledge about coaching itself I have also a chance to try a lot of exercise on myself. I wrote already about Decision making exercise. This weekend we work on metaphor and creative forms. We started from the task in which we had to present ourselves in 10 sentences in which all the words will start from the same letter: P or S. I chose P and created something like that (sorry not Polish speaking people, but this is impossible to translate ):

Poszłam prosto po psychologii prowadzić prospołeczne projekty. Pokochałam prawdziwe poznanie. Prawda pozwala przemienić postawy. Pomaganie pomaga prowadzić proaktywne poszukiwania persony. Pomaga przemieniać Polskę. Postawa proaktywna pozwala przewidzieć przyszłość. Postanowiłam pokierować przyszłością. Przyszłościowo planuję podróżować po państwach, poznawać, pisać pamiętnik, pomagać, przekształcać. Priorytety prowadzą po przygodach. Przerastają postanowienia.

That was only warming up exercise. Most of the day in fact we spent on creating our “Map of dreams” using pictures from different newspaper. Photo of my map you can see below. There is not much surprise, although it’s always nice to try if it makes sense all together. For me it does :) There is a place for travelling and challenges, place for me and my development, for discovering other people (especially women with completely different background and history) and finally for creating our (mine and Andrea’s) space: with cat, dog, where people can meet and talk and learn and relax. And just be together.

Not bad.

Tomorrow we continue working on our maps. Let’s see what can happen.

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