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So, day after creating Map of dream we continued with that and other creative coaching techniques. One of them was Walt Disney method, which allows to see the problem from different perspective. You start from the role of dreamer and you create your vision, without any limitation. Then you become a realist/plannist and you make a plan, how you can achieve your dreams. Then there is the time for critic who say what can go wrong, where are weak points of your plan, sometimes what other can think. And at the end you look at all position from far, from neutral point, as investor who can invest in the project but is not emotionally connected with it and try to see if there is anything which is worth to add or change. Generally this is very good, creative technique, which I’ve used before several times. But this time it gave me huge doubts which I would like to share with you. To show that yes, there are moments when I’m not sure what to do, when I’m completely destroyed by doubts, fears, arguments against. After this exercise, and one which happened after but I was still in the position of critic and I saw only bad things, I called Andrea to say that I go nowhere. That our plan has no chance. That it’s just impossible. That was only few minutes of talk and in a way I knew that it’s not true, that we will not resign, but I felt completely lack of energy or hope. It was few hours ago. Now I’m coming back by train and I’m exhausted, not able to think about anything. It’s not often when I’m so much empty, without any energy at all. I’m not sure why it happened, but I’ve thought it’s important to say that sometimes it is like that. Sometimes you think that all your dreams are impossible, that you don’t want to go, that it’s too hard. Point is to go anyway. To overcome it. To wake up next day and start to think again: what can I do to be a little bit closer to my dreams?

Good luck.

And keep fingers crossed for my next morning.

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