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So, my new adventure has just started. Friday I had a meeting with boss of Polish Ashoka and we discussed the condition and vision of our collaboration. I will coordinate a project which aim is to show how important is teaching children empathy and other soft skills, common for all change makers.

Today I participated in the workshop about empathy, lead by one of Ashoka fellows, and we had a lot of interesting discussions also about education system in Poland and (im)possibility to change something in it. There is 70 Ashoka fellows in Poland, all of them with their own vision which I hope to get to know and base on that create our common idea about what empathy is and how it can be developed. It’s super challenging especially because I don’t have much time before leaving. But I’m very happy to be a part of that and I can’t wait to start. There is already thousand thoughts and ideas in my mind and I’m very curious to meet other Ashoka people. Since now every single thing which I do in my life start to have sense. I like teaching English, but it’s hard to say that it changes the world, especially if you teach people in big corporations, who are often there because somebody paid for them so they came, but without particular aim. I love teaching English in our Babel project, when English is just excuse to speak about some important issues and this I will still do. All the rest I’ve just resigned from to make more space for my new job and new project.

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