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Proud of my Mum

I mentioned my Mum that I’m leaving already some weeks ago. And her reaction was really perfect. First of all she asked how I will manage with my feminist opinions in Muslim countries. Interesting first reaction. And then she started to elaborate it a little. She said that in fact if she could choose she will spend her life going from one small village in Poland to another with the will of visiting all of them. So yes, we have quite similar wish, just the scale is a little bit different. Our first talk about that was already some time ago, and she is still fine with our idea. This time I told her even that in fact we don’t want to stay in one place. We plan to move, sometimes work in hostel, sometimes in English school, sometimes in some ngo. That we will decide on the way what we want to do and for how long. And she accepted that. A little bit worry about us, our retirement and future, but without any try to stop us. She seems to be more curious, trying to adjust our idea to her way of thinking. I’m proud of her open reaction. And also of her will to change the world, to fight for things which are important for her. If I’m feminist with mission of changing something around, for sure partly it came from her. Maybe it’s not her daily thing, maybe my involvement is more strict and direct, but for sure lack of inner barriers and imagination big enough to go around the world I have thanks to her and freedom of choice which she always gave me. Since the very beginning I could choose my path, taking both good and bad consequences. She would give me maybe her opinion, but all in all I was always free to choose. And she always trusted me. Believed in me. Never stop any of my ideas, even if sometimes probably there were not so smart. But I checked all of them and only after that I decided if it was worth or not.

Thank you, Mum. For everything you’ve done for me. For freedom of being whoever I want to be. And dream about whatever I want to dream about.

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