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Looking for visa

One of the most boring thing, but one that cannot be diregarded, is beaurocracy. So we started looking for visa. It is quite complicated: in some countries you can just get in. In some others you’ve got to pay a fee. Some travelers recorded they had to pay some money to get the official stamp and some bribe to make the hand holding the stamp moving faster. In others paying is not enough. You need to be invited from somebody or having someone that can guarantee for you. And a two-way ticket. As easy as it got with traveling in Europe – just carrying an ID which nobody ever ask anyway – we forgot how it is to have borders.

On the other hand, we are also facing different treatments depending on our nationalities. Even though we are both from EU. I remember when i went to South Korea I had no trouble whatsoever in getting my visa while my collegue Catherine, being from France, had to pay 50 Euro. The process depends on bilateral agreements between states. This speaks for the fact that we are still perceived as single nations and not as a whole. That we move as single states. May be tomorrow…

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