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Crazy time

It’s quite long time I haven’t written anything, but it’s completely crazy what is happening around. Every day brings new changes, new ideas, new thoughts. I’m not even sure where to start with.

First of all, since two weeks I work in Ashoka office. Amazing. I still don’t believe it really happens. It’s great job in which every day I met wonderful people who really changed world around them. I’m learning a lot and I’m sure that Ashoka will become an important part of our travel.

It also seems that we have clearer and clearer idea of what and how we want to do. Soon we will write more about that. We know where we want to start and what would be the main idea. Now we work on our logo, website, we prepare a list of potential sponsors, media, things we should take with us. We also develop sayBabel workshop idea and think how to transform it into exchange Babel. We speak about that with our friends and friends of friends and completely strange people from which almost everyone inspire us and give new ideas.

I’m almost overwhelmed by good things which happen to me those days. Thank you, thank you all for being my inspiration.

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