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Travel as Metaphor of Life

Few day ago we have started a new edition of sayBabel workshop (, which title is: Travel as Metaphor of Life. First meeting was about mountains and aims in our life. Second would tell about Camino the Santiago. Yesterday, while swimming during early morning, I was thinking a little bit how to organize it. And I opened all my thoughts and memories connected with Camino and travels in general. I miss them so much! I really appreciate last two years, I’ve learned a lot, I’ve met great people and my professional situation now is truly perfect. But being on the way… that’s completely different state of mind. I remember one discussion with Andrea when he said that Camino or other trips are nice breaks in normal life. And I thought that actually I feel it quite opposite. Those moments between travels are just breaks and being on the way is my life.

Around September this year I’ve decided that whatever happen this year I want to have long holiday, long travel. Last year I didn’t manage to go to any longer trip. I forgot about this decision during last months and it’s quite funny to realize that my subconsciousness works on it anyway. That’s probably part of the feeling which I have that travel around the world is the only thing I can do now. It seems to be so natural, so inevitable…

Sometimes I’m scared to be on the way for few years. Not having real home, stable place. But I also feel that there is nothing more to do. It’s too long in one place. Definitely too long.

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