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You are lucky (?)

I hear it quite often. You are lucky to… (have a great job, go around the world, know so many languages…). And I always wonder: is it really luck? Or maybe hard work on myself to see the chances, to be ready and open for them, to let myself follow my dreams. It’s true, that since some time I have feeling that world gives me intermediately the answer for any question which I decided to ask myself. Not always I like the answer, but it’s really amazing how often it happened to me. I start to think about something and then I meet someone who in some way give me answer, or I read something, or I observe it on the street. And maybe that’s what have changed. I see and hear much much more than ever before. It’s still not perfect, still sometimes, in fact often, I’m deeply inside myself, not able to look around and understand. But those moment of being really here and now, with the person which I have in front of me, completely changed my life. And I believe it’s not by chance that now much more opportunities cross my way. And the only thing I do is just to accept them. Or, naming it better, I take this risk to accept them.

But there is one thing in which I’m definitely lucky, and it also took me long years to understand it. I’m lucky to be white, healthy, European women with all the chances which most people in the world don’t have. Just because they were less lucky. Not because they are stupider, or they don’t work as hard as me, or anything else. No, most people are just not lucky enough to be born with the chance which I and all people around me have.

That’s why I want to use that luck. I want to help to change this world, to create chances for those, who are less lucky. That’s why I hope that also our travel around the world will have some more meaning than private trip for money which we could earn just because we are lucky to live in one of the richest part of the world. I want to go beyond money. Base on economy of sharing. And I want to find people who truly change this world. Real changemakers. And speak loud about them. Show what they do and how we can learn from them. How we can make all people in the world more lucky.

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