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Essence of coaching (meeting of Erasmus +)

I’m just coming back from Holland from few days course called Essence of coaching, organized within Erasmus + program. Very interesting experience. Although from theoretical point of view I knew basically all technics and rules which we discussed there, it was very good to try them in international group with completely new, very inspiring people. It gave me also a chance to stop for a while and think about my current and future situation. I worked in most of coaching exercises on our travel and spoke a lot about that with different people, which gave me so many new thoughts, inspiration and energy. I would like to thank especially Mel, for amazing and indescribable flow and understanding and Igor for wonderful night walk with a lot of interesting topics. I’m grateful also to Thomas for great Miracle question exercise and Marina for stories of her life and common breathing. And of course big thank to out trainers for well prepared, inspirational workshop and all the talks between about different projects, needs and personal transformation.

I have a lot of new thoughts after those two days, about our future travel, about my current situation but surprisingly also about past. I have feeling that it was next important step on my self-development path, which will also help me to leave behind what need to be left if I want to gain more space for what is still waiting for me.

I felt very tired after all inner work which I’ve done, but also calm and satisfied. I see more order in m current tasks (thousands of them) and a little bit less fear about what is waiting for us later.

At the end, thank you a lot, Agata, Maciek and Adam, for taking me to airport, for lunch, but above all for possibility to be with you those few hours and share with you thoughts and believes.

Thank you all! And thank myself for all the inner job done ;)

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