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Among thousand things which I’m doing right now there is also participation in the mentoring program organized by Youth Business Poland. Thanks to them I have my own mentor who support me in developing my “business” idea. Let’s say that my business idea is not very typical one, but anyway, we discuss about all the Babel thing. Mostly about sayBabel and exchangeBabel, so workshops which we organize right now and our future trip. It is good to speak with somebody about that, he can see a lot of points which maybe we haven’t thought about. It clarifies my ideas and gives me some energy to continue. Especially now, when there is so many things happening around and time to really think and work on our travel is very little. We have some week plans, we try to discuss them but it’s not always working. I believe that having somebody outside, coach or mentor, to meet every 2-3 weeks to discuss what is done, what not yet, what problems we have and how to solve them is very helpful in all process of preparation. It could be even a friend, who will just actively listen and support planning process.

One of the most interesting question which my mentor asked me yesterday was if I have sometimes a need to rest. In fact, I don’t know. Of course sometimes I’m super exhausted and because of that impatience, less willing to plan, do and prepare things but all in all I have in my mind that there is only few month left here. And I want to use them as much as possible. And as good as possible. Another thing is what it means as good as possible… This one I still try to answer.

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