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First presentation of “How to (ex)change the world” idea

Yesterday, during one of our sayBabel workshop, we first time said our story: how it happened that we are together and step by step we came to the moment of deciding about going around the world. We explained also our idea of travel in which exchange would be a method and change would be the aim. We will look for changemakers to show them to the world, to describe their work, to understand what is common for all the people who decided to make a difference.

Soon we will published our story here, for now I just want to share feelings which I had saying it loudly. To be honest, I was stressed. I’m quite used to public speech and presentation, I do it almost all the time. But it’s not often when I said my own personal story. And this is something completely different than speaking about soft skills, human rights or projects. I was very fast in speaking and I could feel my hands shaking several minutes after finishing the presentation. Funny thing to observe in myself.

I’m very grateful to those who patiently listened our story and gave us feedback about it. This was first, but for sure not last time. There will be a lot of changes in the presentation, but somehow the frame is done. The most important points of our story chosen. And the idea of (ex)change is clear.

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