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Process of telling people

The process of telling people about our decision, or even more the process of accepting it, is still going. Especially for the closest one it’s difficult to fully accept.

I’m just coming back from Italy, impressed by how much Andrea finally told his parents about what we want to do. On my side, I told my mother, more or less, but still I haven’t even mentioned to the rest of my family. On the other hand, most of my friends, at least those with whom I have quite regular contact, knew already, while Andrea’s friends only now start to get to know. Of course it is also connected with the fact, that we live now in Poland, so it’s much easier to speak with my friends than his. And this is kind of news, which is better to be said face to face instead of using email or chat.

Maybe it’s also easier to talk about that now, when our vision seems to be clearer, even if in fact from preparation point of view there is still not so many things done. We still have few months before leaving but time is running.

A lot of people, especially in Italy, are quite surprised, ask about our needs/plans of stabilization, home, marriage, kids. Probably my friends have got already that I’m not really planning to follow traditional path. In Italy it seems to be more difficult, maybe it’s matter of smaller city or those particular groups of people, but going off the beaten track is a little bit less obvious. Although, maybe thanks to that the impact of our idea will be bigger there? Who knows.

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