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Two hours in Rome

I had two hour in Rome between the train from Falconara and the bus to the airport, which I spent just going a little bit around. And I have few conclusions after that.

First of all, as we already discussed several times, one of the most challenging thing in our travel would be to pack ourselves. How at the same time have quite light baggage (so it’s possible to carry it around) and have everything what we need to survive for long time in very different conditions? What we can do is to buy some superlight things, maybe some of them buy only on the way. But all in all, what we have to face, are our limits of things which we need to survive. And that can be quite interesting to discover.

Second thought is about visiting the cities. I already some time ago realized that although I love to be alone in nature, I don’t enjoy so much sightseeing without anybody close to me. I’m quite quickly bored and tired, I put much less attention to monuments and rather try to see as much and as fast as possible instead of going deeper. It’s more like ticking: seen, seen, seen than really enjoying the presence, being somewhere. While with somebody it is easier to go deeper, to discuss things, there is more excuse to stop for café and observe local people.

That brings me to the third thought. I remember some years ago, when I happened to be trapped in Tenerife (what a nice prison, isn’t it?) due to Portuguese airports which decided to strike, I sat one day on the top of local hill and wrote the article to our local scout magazine about the way of travelling. I couldn’t decide what it really means for me: travel? Does it mean to visit monuments, churches, museums in big cities? Or maybe rather go to the mountains, nature, places untouched by human? Maybe it means to meet locals, to spend some time with them, to share their daily life? Should we travel alone or with somebody? For long, or rather for short but maybe more often? To as many places as possible or to just one, but spending there as much time as possible? The obvious answer is: it depends. Probably the mixture of everything would be the best. But mixture in what proportions? I still haven’t answered this question. Soon, I will probably discover it as well.

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