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Help! Mam and Dad shocked me

As Anna previously mentioned I already told my parents and close relatives pretty much all the plan. Consistent with my character, I rather say we are going to Asia and if things work out as we hope we keep going all over. She prefers a more shocking impact selling the whole project at a time. But my “little by little” approach did its job fairly well. I’m actually impressed how my parents managed to digest the idea. May be they are refraining from exposing their fears. My mother limited herself with asking to which extent am I convinced about it. However, they immediately tried to support us, each of them in his/her own field. My mother sought information for vaccination and sanitation issues. My father gave me a better camera and spent 2 hours with me explaining the basics of photography and discussing my pics from the technical point of view. Unbelievable how two 20th-century fellows can be so open to such a completely different point of view. One my say they are wise enough to see things with a prospective and, even though they seldom travelled abroad, they realize that society has changed and the world has shrunk. On the other hand I said very little to my friends in Fano, just briefed some of them. Surely none of them has the full picture. Somehow I’m still not ready for that and I feel they aren’t as well. This is something true also for other friends abroad. I’m still too stressed about their judgment. What is more I judge them too in the first place. But my parents proved me wrong as they made thing very easy. I (we) should just make room for others to shock me (us).

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