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Sooo many news

There is so many things going on, that I don’t even know where to start to describe them. I think this time I will just put them as points and maybe with time write more about each of them. So:

1. Partners

First of all we have Ashoka as our partner and since few days also Polish Scouting and Guiding Association with its two projects: Jamboree 2023 “Be the spark” (more interested about our aim of looking for changemakers” and Ekonomia jest kobietą (concentrated on exchange part of our idea). Beside that we have patronage of Amnesty International which has already written about us on their website:

2. Media

We have started to contact with different media who may be interested in our story. Our first interview will take place next week on Thursday in Polskie radio. You can listen it on Sunday, we will let you know what time!

We also opened our FanPage: If you don’t like it yet, do it! And share with your friends, please :)

3. Vaccinations

I’ve done today first (and not last) vaccination. This is very expensive part of our trip… And not easy one as we want to go everywhere for nobody knows how long :P My doctor today said that for malaria for example there is no point to protect ourselves, because travel is too long and pills which you take normally will kill us faster than malaria itself. Very nice…

4. Crowdfunding

We are trying to use Polak(KA!) Potrafi crowdfunding platform although I have to say that they are quite tough in selecting projects. They’ve had a lot of comments to our work which force us to think more about communication in general, so I’m very grateful for that. One of the thing which we have to improve is the movie. In fact, we spent all evening yesterday with Marcin John and Jacek Kasztelaniec which are helping us to create something interesting. Thank you guys!

5. Meetings

We meet more and more people who traveled to different places and who share with us their stories and advice. Last Saturday for example we met with two fantastic people: Marzena Badziak and Janek Piętek who told us about their amazing travel through all Asia on bicycle ( Thank you for great stories and a lot of useful information. And thank you Agata Stafiej-Bartosik for contacting us.

Uff… enough for now. Soon more news!

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