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Il piatto piange – The kitty is short

Two weeks ago I told my supervisor about my intention to quit the job and last Tuesday I formalized it. The next step toward the point of no return. We still wonder during the lows whether our idea makes sense. If what we are planning it is but foolish, pointless. In turn we help each other to come out from this quicksand state of mind.

For long I’ve considered my position at HP a mere entry level for a career in a company. Certainly it never meant to be the job of my life. However, whatever you are busy with, work can become routine, the colleagues your community, your friends. The feeling of emptiness once the termination agreement was signed off was quite unsettling. Going out from your safe zone ain’t easy. Funny enough, that’s exactly what they exhort you to do to improve yourself. Well, I did. Let’s see what comes out of it.

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