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Talking with journalists

Yesterday we had our first interview about How to (ex)change the world project. It was in Polskie Radio 24 and you can listen first part of it at 11 AM this Sunday (19.07). But what I really want to write about is actually great understanding and relation which I had with journalist who interviewed me. She is amazing women, kind of crazy I would say, but only in positive sense. I could feel from the very beginning that she understands and supports the idea and in a way she has similar experience of discovering what is really important in life. Maybe her answer for basic questions about life was different than mine, but experience is always the same. To face your fate, your believe, to decide to lead the life full of sense in your own personal meaning is always tough, but so much valuable experience. And I saw from the first moment that she got it. Questions which she asked where exactly this kind which I would ask myself. We immediately went to much deeper discussion than I ever had in media. Thank you for that and for our coffee after. It inspired me a lot.

And actually it was not the only inspiring meeting with journalist this week. It seems to be quite interesting group. Or probably it is not about group itself but about single person which I’m lucky to meet on my way.

Thank you both, dear journalists, one for amazing interview and talk after and second for dinner, inspiring discussion and listening in a way which I’ve never seen in any journalist before.

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