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One day without computer

Few day ago I had virus on my computer (or not virus really, but I will cal it that way). Whatever it was I lost most of my documents and I couldn’t work on my computer for a day. Very interesting experience. I was lucky enough that last days I sent a lot of important things by emails. Not all of them, but let’s say that it could be much much worse. Actually the document which I regret the most is the one with my aims for this year which I wrote last August as usually. I haven’t had a look on it since months and I don’t remember much so I cannot really say if I followed them or not. On the other hand everything seems to change this year again…

Anyway, not being able to work on computer yesterday I had a fantastic, super inspiring day full of new ideas. I’m pretty impressed that it happened. I just let myself to be free from one small computer and so many amazing things just appear. I had great meeting with journalist who told me a little bit how to write, but what’s the most important, during discussion I decided the way I want to describe our experience and story of changemakers. I saw it clearly and understood a lot. Just after that I went for exhibition of photo of Steve McCurry and it was amazing. All time which I spent there I was thinking how he manage to be so close to people? To make them trust him so much? It was so deep, so amazing.

And then Mariusz, who participated our sayBabel workshop, called me to discuss possible exchange and collaboration and he told us about a guy who also traveled by exchanging. He gave his photographic skills for place to stay and food. It was very simple, possible to be described in few words. Just after the call we started to think: how to make our exchange idea so simple? We can offer teaching English, Italian cuisine, workshops, cleaning, working on farm, but what if instead of all of those we create one specific offer of… complex support for changemakers? We can write down their stories, make photos and share it not only with them but with all people interested in Good News. We can provide them coaching and training for their teams. We can network them with other people and organizations. Just for place to stay, food and help in finding another person who can host us. At the beginning it will be probably quite difficult to find people who are interested, but once we prove we can really support… that would be awesome. Great connection between CHANGE and EXCHANGE. We exchange support in change. Awesome.

Last, but not least, yesterday I decided to use new, created Polish word ŚWIATOZMIENIACZ instead of changemaker.

And everything just because computer was off…

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