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What do I regret leaving on September… Above all, our cats. Look at them! It’s so hard to leave them even if they are with us just few months and from the very beginning we knew it would finish like that.

Second thing is the Ekonomia jest kobietą project. This weekend I spent with few girls who will take project after me. These were amazing days, very effective but at the same time very calm and inspiring. We’ve achieved a lot together during all the year, more than 30 woman in our team, almost 2500 participants. Big mission, vision, a lot of passion, believe and work. We continue having much more experience and background that one year ago, a lot of supporters and new ideas. I regret I will be not here to extend it, to go to next girls, next woman with our beautiful and important message. I would love to continue our work, develop with you and fulfill our dreams. I hope to stay in touch and give my travel also to you as a part of project. Thank you, girls, for all this year and the beginning of true change.

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