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What's up?

As we’ve started to use Facebook, most news we put there, not always mentioning about them here as well. So let’s try to summarize what is happening now :)

1. Planning

We’ve decided that we start from Thailand and then we move to all countries around. The order we decide depending on what happens on the way. We are starting to plan which places exactly we we want to visit first and in next few days we will contact some people there to see what’s their reaction and how much chance do we have to find a place in Thailand being still in Warsaw. We’ve decided to not really buy visas before and gain them only there, as most people who have already traveled in that part of the world advised us so.

2. Consultation

We speak with more and more people about traveling in South East Asia, and they give us a lot of useful information, suggestions and contacts. Many thanks especially to Kasia Zwolak, Bart Rubik, Magda Bodzan and Karol Karolski!

3. Media

Last week we visited Czwórka Polskie Radio, where we spoke about Ashoka and our travel. There is also growing interest about us in Italy, since Andrea went there few weeks ago… Let’s see if he becomes a stars of Italian media :)

4. Crowdfunding

We have more than 65% on Polak Potrafi ( and we read that if the project has more than 60% most probably will also gain 100%. Let’s keep fingers crossed for that! And big thank to everybody who supported us and whose name you can find on “Wspierają nas” part. Next week we also open an international platform on Kickstarter, which has already accepted our project, so our friends and other people from outside Poland can join us.

5. Sponsors

We are not very successful with sponsors, but in fact we don’t put too much effort on it. We should but somehow this part is the less exciting one. Maybe with time, when we create bigger network of people and prove that our idea is working that would be easier. Although we don’t give up and still trying!

6. GoodNewsLetter

Our first story is almost finished! It would be about Paulina Braun, Polish girl, creating Inter-generation Dancing. This would be the trial story to try ourselves in that kind of activity, ask you for opinions, improve as much as possible and gain even more interest of media. It’s new, but amazing thing to do, create a story… More about changemakers which we met already you can read on our

7. Emotions

There is so many of them. The biggest one is probably excitement. But there is a little bit of everything. Fear, sadness of leaving, anger that things are going so slow sometimes or different direction we expected and a lot of joy and happiness connected with travel but also with amazing people who are around us!

Thank you all.

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