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Getting rid of things

I can’t believe how many things you can gather during two years of living in very small flat! Since two weeks we are trying to get rid of them and it seems to be never ending story… And there is a lot of feelings around that. On one hand, there is a kind of sadness, we give away things which we used last two years, which we bought or received from others. Of course there is this thought that maybe one day we may use them again, but if we start to think hard about that, the probability is not so big, and even if, there is no point for things to lay down in some corner for next years if meanwhile they can be useful for somebody else.

There is also some anger, or maybe rather frustration, connected mostly with the fact that it is really very difficult to find a reasonable way to get rid of all things we don’t need anymore. We don’t want just through them away, we fight for giving them new life.

And there is also joy of being much freer again. Too many things can truly limit us, steal our space, but also happiness, as we have to care and worry about them. But this is something you discover only when you finally find the strength to let them go.

I’m fascinating by minimalism since few months and I see how big difference it can make. Things. Now when I want to buy something I think not only how much resources and human work it costs (usually of people from completely different part of our planet), but also how many hours of my time I had to sacrifice to get enough money to buy it. And then the question if I really need it starts to have another meaning. Now additionally I will ask myself how much energy I would need if I decide to get rid of that thing.

Getting rid of things challenge is slowly coming to the end, now there is another one waiting – how to pack your life in one bag? Probably soon we achieve the master level of minimalists – 100 hundred things. I’m scared and happy at the same time…

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