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Yes, I'm scared

People are surprised when I say I’m scared. Of course, I am. The fact that we had courage to make this decision doesn’t mean that we don’t have doubts, fears, that we are not nervous and stressed. I assume this work that way with all great events: travel, marriage, having kids, dream job, whatever it is, just few days before you are scared. Terrified. The same is with us now. Actually last few days there was so many crisis. My computer stopped working. I lost my passport. We got to know that there is no hope for Andrea’s computer. I became super ill. Every day something. All those things finally had happy end but before that at least 5 times I almost had heart attacks. And then all this goodbye saying… I’m not the best in that. It costs me a lot and never looks as I would like to. I tend to rather avoid the moment of goodbye and not to think too much about what is really happening.

And of course we are scared of future. If we manage? If we find a place to stay, eat, people we are looking for? What if we don’t have enough money? If we lose what we have? If we are not able to travel together for so long? If one of us doesn’t like traveling? If… there is thousand questions in our minds and hearts.

And it’s fine. The only thing you can do is to accept it and keep going. Everything what is worth to happen, happen outside of comport zone. We jump quite quickly out of it so let’s hope there is a lot to wait for us.

Soon, we discover the answer.

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