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Grilled fish topped with mango


Cambodia’s countryside in Kampong Cham district appears as an endless chess board made of rice paddies peppered here and there with little villages and palm shrub. Gorgeous. But this means that the agricultural production is pretty much made of a single crop. Anything eatable coming from trees and bushes, streams and canals is added to the diet.

In the week we spent at Dan’s family place teaching English, a pot with mango topping was placed on the table any time (basically every second meal) that some fish caught in the paddy was served.

INGREDIENTS (4 serves):

fish to grill

1 green or poorly ripe mango

3 small onions

1 garlic clove

1 handful of chives

Soy sauce and chili just enough


Clean and grill the fish. Cut the mango a la julienne and a small onion in thin discs. Finely chop the garlic clove and chives. Mix everything together and flavor with soy sauce and chili.

Top the grilled fish and serve.

TIPS TO OTHER LONGITUDES: In Europe we usually get only one type of mango which is quite soft and juicy when ripe. But it takes some time to ripe. So if you happened to buy too hard a mango, this recipe may be the perfect outfit. Very good also topping boiled fish. We suggest fresh water fish.


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