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New idea

Uff, I’m so full of emotions after yesterday talk. We discussed new idea for our travel. Maybe instead of earning a lot of money before we start we rather find a way to not spend so much of them. To not depend on them. So maybe… we just do volunteer work for different people and organizations just for place to sleep and some food. We can organize workshop, English or Italian class, we can translate things, but we can also clean, or work in the farm or do whatever is needed! Not only we could travel without being dependable so much on money, but we could also really help people and get to know them, for a while become a part of their life, not just tourist.

I didn’t sleep much tonight. Many thoughts, many ideas. Many fears.

There is a lot of things which need to be done if we seriously want to move. But I’m quite sure that the biggest challenge is to prepare our minds. Break inner barriers. If we manage to do that, all the rest become possible. I feel a lot of changes inside me. It was very intensive year from self-development point of view. But is that enough? What happen when conditions change, become less stable, completely unpredictable? What happen between us? Are we strong enough to face all things which wait for us? We discussed already also this issue. What change between us after this travel? For now we agreed that we will come back stronger. Although the number of difficult situations is probably uncountable. From relation point of view we also thought about wedding which we planed for next year. There is no way to come back, but also to prepare it while being on the way. And probably it’s smarter to already be married before we really move. So… seems soon we make it legal ;) Cannot wait to see face of our family and friends after hearing all this news :)

Travel around the world… Last time I felt excitement like that when we decided to go to Kilimanjaro. Excitement and certainty that this is exactly what I want. What I dream about. And to what I’m ready to dedicate myself completely.

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