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Plans, fears, doubts

Every day we have some other idea, other discussion, other doubt. It is difficult to describe all those things at once. But I’ll try.

First of all, we create small draft of things which should be done next months. We decided to spend March on finding as many information as possible about Asia and particular countries, possibilities to work and travel there, but also about project similar to our or about gaining the Italian citizenship, which could be useful during our way. Then, April would be a month of preparing documents and offer, website, information and in May we should start big promotion campaign (if finally we decide to create a social project, not just private travel). All in all, now there are two main ideas:

1. Find a job somewhere in Asia, earn money there and travel around.

2. Go around Asia without stable job, base just on voluntary activities and exchange – our skills, work, help for place to stay and food.

First idea is more private, while second has some potential for being bigger social project.

We have also some other ideas, we want to find some online job, write articles (later book), maybe try some culinary blog? Maybe interview with women about what being a women means for them? Thousand small thoughts…

But ideas and plan are only one side of all process. It has to be mentioned that there is also a lot of difficult moments and doubts. A lot of them are connected with differences between me and Andrea. We have different approach and different needs. We react differently and we need other information to make decision. Probably finding the way of facing things together would be the most difficult experience. And the most valuable one.

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