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Sweet happens


Sweet happens


Sofia | Bulgaria


Everything started by … mistake. My husband bought me a voucher for tasting chocolate in Belgium. When I arrived they welcomed me by saying:

- Wait a minute, you are not here to taste chocolate, but to take a course, and you need to pass exams. But before you have to send us your diploma that proves you know how to work with chocolate and you passed the first 7 levels.

- What?! I only know how to eat chocolate…

During the following year Stanimira Dimitrova, founder of Stanimira Chocolate House, worked during a day in big international company and made chocolate in the evening.

The first trials were a disaster. Tones of chocolate finished in rubbish. With time it started to get better, I was bringing chocolate to my friends, for parties, birthdays. The business side grew so much that I started to think that it may be really a profession. Friends from the NGO world asked me why I don’t donate chocolate to some charity events or marathons. So we did. Till now we are helping three charities from Romania and we started to support charity in Bulgaria. After few months I spoke with my boss to tell him that I go for this adventure. He loved my chocolate, he supported me. After few months I gave away my responsibilities in the company I was working in for 16 years and we set up a chocolate business with my husband, with the aim of supporting those in need.

Today Stanimira Chocolate House gives 10% of its profits to charities, they donate also a lot of chocolate for different events. Additionally, they hire a person from disadvantage background.

The biggest success for me is that we made this place: a fully equipped and certified chocolate lab. And we ensure stable job for one person with no equal chances. I want to have more and more. Be a first step for those people so then they are able to find a job as all the others. Our big vision is to have more training programs for people in need and also for those who want to be professional. And be a good example which shows that you can be whoever you want. We want to be in the places we are most needed, no matter where. If it’s a school, let’s go to school; if it’s an event, let’s go to the event.

Actually everything started from the events, marathons, charities run, in which Stanimira and her husband managed to involve quite a lot of people.

I think everybody wants to do good. I believe that in every person there is need to be part of something bigger. Involvement is a natural thing. If we create environment in which people can do good, they will.

Stanimira’s way to do good is to make unique, beautiful, handmade chocolate. She proves that every passion can be used for a better world.

If you want to do good, just associate with people who already do it. Google it, find those who are already involved. You have some talent, passion - use it. You want to work with kids, old, dogs, women? Perfect. You are a teacher – go and teach. You are a singer – go and make shows. Just do it immediately, don’t wait.



More about Stanimira Chocolate House:

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