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After one month in India


You asked for more personal thoughts, so here we are – a little bit of a sum up about our first month in India. How is it? Intense, that didn’t change. Everything here is intense, every experience, beautiful or challenging, is intense. The amount of people, the sounds, the colors, the dust, the touch (we will write more about it), the interactions is intense. Overstimulation is something which I try to deal with on a daily basis, which reminds me that all in all I’m quite an introvert person. I love India most of the time and hate it strongly sometime as well. I still don’t understand India: after being here for over a month there is nothing I can say for sure about this country. Maybe better to focus on myself. Coming back to traveling after one year in Europe is not an easy task, especially if we want to keep our style – vulnerable toward people and circumstances. Every few nights we change accommodation, being most of the time somebody’s house, which means to observe and adjust to the given condition. Being a part of somebody daily routine is the biggest privilege of travelers from my perspective, but also a constant challenge of building new relations and respect unspoken rules which you can get only through careful, mindful listening and full presence. I have my times of extreme excitement which are followed by breakdown, panic and tears. Moments of unbelievable connection mixed up with anxiety and constant stress. This influence my mind, but also my body, which suffers quite a lot in different ways, starting from stomachache, through sore throat, general weakness, headache, etc. It’s also not indifferent to our relation either. Just before starting the journey, we defined our relation with Andrea as pretty perfect and the only goal we had for this year was to keep it that level while traveling. Well, we still work on it. Many of the old problems we deemed solved surfaced back again – communication, caring about each other's needs, etc. We are able to deal with challenges in the calm circumstances, but being tense and overstimulated and yet kind and attentive is another level. This is part of the game, part of the constant development we seek, challenging ourselves and going far beyond our comfort zone. Long term traveling based on exchange, being with people is a bit of rollercoaster, consists not only of beautiful pictures and unforgettable memories, but also struggle. Yet, with all those difficulties I cannot imagine a better place, or rather a better situation, to be. Hitting the road I feel home again, this is my way. My home is a nomadic life, which suits me so much more than any stable circumstance (even though sometimes I miss stability) ;).

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