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Money doesn't matter


In the previous post about the #MileStoneExperience I stated becoming a scout as the first turning point in my life. Again, it’s in scouting that I got to know Mateusz – a friend of mine, with whom I went for the first trip abroad without parents. That time it was not as easy and common as it is today. I was 18, he was 17 and we decided to visit our friend Julia in Chamonix, France. Before we always thought that for traveling abroad you need lots of money. That was the first time we went beyond this believe. We slept, the three of us, in Julia's small room, who worked in one of the hotels in the valley, we took some food from Poland, which is way cheaper than France, we booked a bus (that time I hadn't yet discovered hitchhiking) which was the only real cost (much cheaper than flying, though, it was before the low-cost era) and we wandered around the Alps for two weeks, spending not more than we would if we had chosen Poland for holidays instead. That was the moment in which I understood that money doesn’t really matter. With a bit of imagination, lots of courage and will to experiment you can get where you want. Money is just one of the many tools you can use to achieve your goal.

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