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Which of the visited countries do you like the most?


Let's come back to #AskAQuestion! First thing you wanted to know, and most asked question, is which of the visited countries we like the most. Down here is our answer. We remind you that you can ask any question you wish, comment or private message, and we promise to answer them sharing our thoughts and experience. :) Our favorite country... that's always a tricky question. At the end, it mostly depends on the people we met and the particular experiences we had, much more than the country itself. We special feelings for those countries, such as Moldova, where we happened to create strong connections. Even our mood and state of mind can influence our view, so it's very far from being objective. Among the countries we would definitely come back to are those we approached with low expectations, like Peru or Thailand. We knew they are super touristic, so we kind of disliked them even before the very first sip. Ready for the worse (a scammer behind each smile or main sites hyper-packed with meme tourists), we handed up falling completely in love with them. We had the most amazing time in Thailand - the open-minded "Land of Free" - and in the Sacred Valley, Peru, one of the selected places we would be happy to live for a "longer while". The point is most people go to the same 3-4 places and they never check what's behind the corner. We have time and are curious enough to go and there are millions of beautiful nooks, both in Thailand and Peru, completely untouched by massive tourism. We often point out also Muslim countries, like Indonesia and Turkey, as very special to us. They are the most hospitable places in the world. People are extremely helpful: hitchhiking, Couchsurfing, volunteering is always an unbelievable experience of being helped or hosted by somebody who not only covers your needs, but also invites you for coffee or lunch and shares stories of his (more often than her) life. We love quite South American countries, like Brazil, Argentina or Bolivia, because of their entanglement of cultures, breathtaking views and nature as well as enthusiastic people (more obvious in Brazil than in Bolivia though ;) ). And recently Sri Lanka and India... Sri Lanka is really easy to travel, beautiful country, small enough to move through without problems (maybe beside overcrowded trains), great food and very open people. India... India is intense. In every sense of this word. We had the most intensive experiences there, both positive and negative, inspiring and challenging. We definitely love India, but we also realized it has to be taken in small doses. Maybe the 90-day restriction was actually very well thought-through. ;) Once listening to an Italian podcast a world traveler put it like this: "My favorite country is... the next one I will visit!" - whenever coronavirus will allows us to do so.

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