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How can we support changemakers?


#AskAQuestion:Is there any way to support changemakers you've met or other initiatives you recommended? There are several ways, every simple actions matters, but you could get involved in many levels: - Like them on facebook, instagram and other social media. And share their profile on your wall telling other people why they should follow them as well. It really makes sense. It gives changemakers more visibility and help them reach out to other people. It motivates them. And it gives them a good argument while speaking with potential sponsors. - Appreciate their work. Write to them telling why you think their initiative is great. Thank them for their work and let them know you believe in it. Each person, including changemakers, has difficult moments, gets overwhelmed, feels that what she/he tries to do makes no sense. In those moments people who believe and appreciate are crucial. - Give constructive feedback. Feedback is always a tricky thing, so if you decide to do so, do it with empathy. Suggesting changes don't forget to also appreciate and, if possible, offer your help. - Volunteer. There is always some help needed, in many different fields. Changemaking actions are not only about working directly with people, there is also a lot of work with fundraising, marketing, creating website, translating, etc. Every skill is useful, lots of stuff can be done online with very little effort.

Just to give you a few examples of great volunteering opportunities: 1. Wedu - you can become an online mentor for a girl or women from South East Asia who wants to be changemaker. 3-5h per month involvement, great development opportunity also for yourself 2. Warmipura - help designing beautiful products to be made by skillful women from local tribes in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Peru 3. Changemaker ToolKit - we are preparing a new online tool with educational scenarios based on real changemakers stories, to encourage children and youth to become changemakers themselves and we need help with translation to basically any language. Drop us a line if you want to help. - Donate. Most of changemaker initiatives struggle with funds. Donate as much as you feel, even small contribution counts. And if you can effort a monthly donation, and encourage few of your friends to do the same, that can be a gamechanger for the initiative which instead of focusing on fundraising could put more effort on actions directly connected to their goals. - Buy their products and services. Many of the initiatives we speak about are social businesses and what they really need are clients. If you go fo a coffee, do it in a place which hires people from disadvantaged background. If you want to buy clothes or accessories there are plenty of shops which offer responsible, recycled, zero-waste products. For your food go to local, organic food cooperatives. It requires more effort, it is more expensive (because it pays fair salaries, cares about the environment, etc.), but it really changes something. Remember, while spending money you vote for the world you wish to have. - Join their team ...and if you don't know what to do or are tired of your old job... join them! If you have more questions, just write a comment or send us a message and we promise to answer! :)

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