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Italian Pizza


A collection of Italian recipes cannot lack the Italian food par excellence: Pizza! However, what we suggest is an uncommon take, starting from the liquid ingredients instead of doing the classic well with flour. Doing pizza is very easy, cheap and a great fun to make it (and eat it) with friends, with everyone letting the creativity run wild…

INGREDIENTS (2 baking trays) 350 mL of water 600 g of flour 25 g of yeast 1 pinch of sugar ½ glass of olive oil 2 pinches of salt 500 mL of tomato puree 2 mozzarella cheeses 1 pinch of oregano 1 handful of capers Paprika


Pour lukewarm water into a bowl and dissolve yeast and sugar. Mix about half the flour. When the dough starts to become compact, add the salt and ½ of the oil. Then, knead in the other half of the flour. Cover the bowl with a cling film or a wet fabric and let the dough leaven for at least 1h. Divide the dough in 2 and lay them out onto the trays. Oil the surface and let it rest for another 0.5h. Prepare the tomato sauce with puree, oil, oregano and capers. Salt and paprika just enough. Pour the sauce on the pizza and place in the oven at the higher temperature. When the crust starts to golden take it out of the oven and sprinkle mozzarella cut in small pieces. Cook for 2 more minutes till the cheese is melt.


Substituting part of the water with milk makes the dough softer. If you want to add some topping be thoughtful about the right moment to add it. It can be right at the beginning of the cooking process (meat, zucchini, ecc…), with the mozzarella (wurst, cold cuts, some cheeses, ...), or at the end (rocket, nuts, ...). Some topping (artichokes, mushrooms, ...) may need to be cook beforehand.


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