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Travelling around the world - first days


Let's come back to our #MilestoneExperience. After making the decision of quitting everything and travelling around the world - which, as we mentioned, was a rather long and painful process - followed a few months of exciting and scary preparation and finally the time came: we were to start our journey. We barely remember last two weeks in Europe. There was so much tension, stress, the only thing we wished was to finally board the plane and close this waiting period. It was time to say goodbye to people around, but we couldn't manage to be really present. Entering the white fuselage was a kind of relief – finally! No more waiting, worrying. Now there is no more choice, no way out. We couldn't change our mind. Buying the flight ticket, especially a costly one, is a good trick to fight the wish to push the eject button and cancel everything at the last moment. It's a common temptation, doesn't matter if we speak about hitting the road, getting married or quitting a job – lots of people withdraw just before, when the fear level skyrockets and becomes higher than the excitement.

We arrived in Bangkok late evening - that was 5 years ago, the 16.09.2015 - having a place organized by the local Amnesty International for the first two nights. We didn't know yet what we would do after, but we didn't have any more power to worry. Our way from the airport to the hostel was surprisingly smooth, considering we didn't know much about the local public transport. We couldn't fall asleep, too excited and too jet-lagged. The adventure had begun and there was no way back. We could only allow fate to guide us and try to take the most out of it...

If you want to know more about our first thoughts and impressions, we actually documented it quite well in our blog, before life became too intense to write regularly. →

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