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Msms (Msemen) with Amlou

Msms (Msemen) with Amlou – Sana and Karine - Morocco

Flat breads can be found in many different versions all over the globe. It's incredible how such a simple concept can spread out and take on so many different twists. Arepas in Colombia, Roti in India and the Italian Piadina, just to name a few. So many and so common, probably for they are rather simple to do, versatile and sooo good. :)

As in other cases, the Msmn, the Moroccan version of the flat bread, can be eaten along a main course or as a base for a snack, with some jam or sweet spread. In our opinion there it is when it fully reaches it's glory, when it comes with home-made Amlou.



1 kg of flour

3 pinches of salt

300 mL of hot water

about 150 mL of seed/olive oil


250 g of roasted almonds

1 spoon of honey

1 spoon of argan oil



Create a well with the flour, add the salt and the water little by little and knead it for about 8-10 minutes, till you get a gummy, elastic consistency. Oil the surface an let it rest 20 minutes.

Oil your hands and the working surface (better if working on a non-porous surface such as hard plastic or metal. We used a wide ceramic plate) as you handle the dough. Divide the dough into small balls the size of a golf ball. Work the balls from the inside out and make it pass through a circle formed by your index and thumb while squeezing the ball. Flatten the ball on on the working surface. Make them as thin as possible, always keeping your hands well oiled. Don't worry if you make some holes as the bread will be folded. Fold in 1/3 of each side to obtain a square. Keep all the square aside. Once all squares are ready flatten them a bit and cook them on both side over an hot surface.


Chop finely the almonds and then pass them into a blender. Add the oil and the honey and blend it till you get a smooth cream. Add extra honey or argan to adjust it to taste.

The Msemen keeps soft for 1 or 2 days, so it can be stored and warmed up as needed. It is also suitable to be frozen. Amlou, as many other dry fruit pastes, preserves quite well, if you don't finish it right away...

TIPS TO OTHER LONGITUD Food grade argan oil is not always easy to find and it may get quite expensive. The argan plant is a relative of the olive, but the resulting oils taste fairly different, so using olive oil would not give the amlou its peculiar taste. If you need an alternative I would rather use walnut or hazelnut oil, which still bring a smoky/woody tone.

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