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Second fasting experience

Wondering how was the second fasting experience for us? The answer is... it depends. As with our first fasting, we had a fairly different experience. Andrea went through it quite well, being able to continue his daily life and work (including physical chores) without major setbacks. Anna after the first 24 hours was not able to do much - her energy level and focus went very much down and didn't manage much more than reading, watching movies, maybe short walks. There were few moments of higher energy (especially after black coffee) but all in all she struggled till the end. We guess one of the things that makes the difference is the pressure, which is usually lower for Anna, that would explain dizziness disappearing after a cup of coffee. Even at a stomach level we had quite different experiences, but let's not get into details there.

On the up side it was definitely a period of physical and mental rest. We felt lighter, more connected, more grounded. Again, fasting changes our attitude toward food - we can clearly see how little we need, compared to what our eyes want. Knowing that we can go without food for three days (and several of our friends, even here in the community do it regularly or did it for even longer) refreshes our relationship with hunger, even if we still value regular meals. As much as we don't plan another 3-day fasting any time soon, we do consider having more often 16 or 24h fasting, seeing the benefits of giving time to our body to rest, cleanse and regenerate.

And the food we eat these days tastes soooo unbelievably good :)

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