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One of the issue, which I’ve never mentioned before and which had to be solved during our preparation to travel, was wedding. Actually, before we started to thing about going around the world we’d decided to marry next year in July. It’s quite funny story in fact, because we just thought: we want to marry on Saturday and we want it to be the anniversary of our decision of being together. And when we checked the calender it occurred that situation like that will happen next year, exactly in our 5th anniversary. So we decided: perfect, let’s marry then that day! But when we started seriously speak about leaving, it quite soon became obvious that the date of wedding has to be changed, firstly because we will be not even in Europe, and secondly, even if we come to Europe for few weeks, it would be still not enough time to really organize all the ceremony and party. We considered two options: or we marry before travel, quickly, just to leave as wife and husband which could make some things on the way easier, or we marry when we come back. After long discussions and different arguments (like preparation time, money, family expectations but also possibility of gaining Italian citizenship as Italian wife) we finally decided to postpone it and for now just buy rings and pretend to be married when the situation will require that. Although it was not easy decision and it still rise some emotions. But well… at least we will be probably the only couple which go for honeymoon before wedding ;)

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