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Friday thoughts


Friday evening, and we are still sitting, answering emails, establishing further contacts, writing stories. The whole last week we were talking with changemakers and working on the computer. Every day new people, new stories, a lot of inspiration! I’m surprised how many changemakers we met just in one week, although I must admit that at the end of the week I’m also quite tired. Rest, relaxation are the plan for some further future. At the weekend we have few meetings, then all Monday is already planned. Then we are not sure, maybe we go for a while to the south, but on Thursday we have to be back to Bangkok for an appointment with a farmer from the Pookpintokao project who will take us for a few days on his organic farm. Then probably a quick visit in Bangkok and travel north to meet next changemakers. A lot of amazing things are happening in Thailand. I don’t know when we find time to write them down and create the stories … luckily everything is recorded, we have our notes and some additional materials which just wait for free moment.

Slowly we are also getting used to Bangkok, although still tired of traveling around the city, which is either long and tiring or relatively expensive. We start to deal better with food, probably because we stay a few days in one place, so we can get to know surroundings, including shops and bars.

From new discoveries, in the Thai language there is no word “no”. Maximum that can be said is no “yes”. We also feel it when they talk English. The word “yes” is certainly the most repeated word. Nobody will refuse to help, they will also never say that they don’t know the answer to the question. Even if they really don’t know, they tell you anything rather than admit to it. The desire to help is absolutely enormous.

From old discoveries, Thai people don’t use chopsticks. They eat with spoon and fork, no knives. The spoon is held in the right hand (which means that it is the main cutlery, fork serves only as additional one).

Have a nice weekend!

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