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Easier than I thought


Next week in Cambodia. I really like this country, lost a little bit in thousand of its problems. Maybe that’s why it’s so easy to find changemakers here, there is so many things to be done. Pity, that a lot of them, still too much, are done by foreigners. Although slowly this is also changing.

Since few days we are in Siem Reap, hosted by AngkorHUB, co-working space which offer also rooms for night. Perfect for Digital Nomads, people who work on line and travel, changing their place of staying. They receive their salary from Europe or America, so they are able to pay even a little bit more to be sure to have place to work and good Internet.

This social group, although still quite small, will probably grow in next few years. And this is good news. One of our private aim is to challenge the world based on 8-hours day of office work, often completely pointless. Not many people think if 8 hours work is really so needed? Where is it leading us? Are we sure that all the work which we do make sense? Is crucial for our aims? Or even aims of our boss? Do we really need to earn so much money? Do we generally need to earn money? Is it possible to quit everything, go around the world and survive? And even be happy?

All of those are very interesting questions. When I’ve decided to go around the world I was satisfied from my professional life. I quit good, for many dreamt job, wide perspectives, financial stability. Now I don’t have job, I don’t have any stable source of money, often I don’t know what I will do tomorrow, not even mention few years perspective. I don’t have credit, I don’t have house and car, and my needs are limited to cheap, street food, 4 t-shirts and bus ticket from time to time. And you know what? I think this is freedom. I can do what I want and when I want, I don’t have to explain it to anybody or ask for permission, I have full independency to make any decision. I don’t distinguish anymore weekends from weekdays, I don’t count days of my holiday. Of course, I count money a little bit, but also not too much, first of all because I don’t need much, secondly most of things I need I can get thanks to exchange in which money are not involved and thirdly, even if I really need money, I will find a method to get them. I’m already finding it sometimes, unexpectedly.

One of changemakers we were speaking with told us that changing life is not as difficult as people think. The most difficult is first step, or rather moment just before, moment of decision. Then everything is easier than most of us believe. As human we adjust quickly to new conditions, new reality. There are new opportunities, which we haven’t seen before, and which would never come if we stay in our comfort zone.

Quitting everything and going around the world sounds ridiculous, unrealistic, sounds like a dream, craziness, but in fact… it’s much easier than I’ve ever thought.

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