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Green curry sauce with veggies


Thai cuisine is renowned throughout the world. Fully respecting the local culture, the philosophy behind this tradition lies on balancing the five tastes. For this reason on the table you cannot miss the spice rack with chilli, sugar, fish sauce, and lime.

While volunteering at the Always Reading Caravan, we cooked the green curry sauce with Yoshi and Alby, a Japanese and a Spaniard but both for some time resident in Thailand. So we consider this recipe - although the original has with meat - fairly close to the way local would do it.

INGREDIENTS (4 serves):

1 spoon of seed oil

100 g of green curry paste

1L of coconut milk

250 g of pumpkin chopped in cubes

200 g of aubergine chopped in cubes

2 handful of mushroom

1 handful of kaffir lime leaves

Sugar and fish sauce just enough


Stir-fry the green curry with a spun of seed oil. After 2-3 minutes add the coconut milk diluted with about 1/2 glass of water. When the milk starts boiling add the long-cooking vegetables (pumpkin) and after 5 minutes the other vegetables (eggplants and mushrooms) . After 10 minutes add the kaffir lime leaves and season with sugar and fish sauce.

TIPS TO OTHER LONGITUDES: Coconut milk and green curry can be easily found in an Asian grocery store. Also the kaffir lime leaves should be available; otherwise you can add lime zest together with a bay leaf. The fish sauce is not so important and it can be easily swapped with salt.

If you will, tofu, potato, sweet potato, broccoli and cauliflower also fit very well. The original version in Thai tradition has 350 g of chicken pieces to stir-fry together with the curry.


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