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Learning on the way


Next adventure is almost finished. We spent few amazing days with Yoshi, creator of the Always Reading Caravan project, which serves local community of Phrao (North of Thailand, about 100 km from Chiang Mai) with literature and education. Story itself we’ll soon describe in the GoodNewsLetter, today I would like to tell you about great experience of meeting and spending time with blind Yoshi. She taught me so much about life, just being herself. I’m so amazed by her strength, independence, warmth, inner harmony. Every day she opened my eyes to things which I haven’t noticed before. Thank you, Yoshi. Thank you for all conversations, for the opportunity to accompany you, listen to your story, observe your work, relationships with people, your passion and perseverance.

This whole journey is one big lesson. At any school or even work I haven’t learned so much in such a short time. There are some obvious elements like the geography of the region, the history of Thailand or the basics of Buddhism. But what I really learn is going much deeper. I feel much more humility towards the world and other people. And I really appreciate it. I’m also learning different approach to time, to space, to life, to what is really important. I feel very clearly that I am where I should be. Many people wished me to find on the way what I’m looking for. But I had found it already, that’s why I started this journey. After two years of intensive work on myself I know what I need and I let myself to follow it. It can be called dreams, intuition, mission, purpose in life, whatever. Probably each of us somewhere deep inside knows what he/she wants. But you need a lot of courage to discover it, even more to follow it. To persevere. But I have no doubt that it is worth. If you have any: write or call me. I would be happy to share with you what’s inside me. Maybe it occurs to be useful or meaningful also for you.

In the meantime, keep your fingers crossed, tomorrow we start our next hitchhiking challenge. Direction: the border with Laos.

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