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Did you meet changemaking education?


#AskAQuestion: Did you meet some cool changemaking (school) education on your travels? If yes where? Yes, we did. Education is a huge part of changemaking. Actually India was the most fascinating from that point of view, we got quite involved in a network of homeschooling and unschooling families, we also interviewed several organizations which are looking for alternative ways like Project DEFY, Kanthari or STIR Education. One of the most fascinating initiatives about changemaking education across the globe is the Changemakers School project started by Ashoka. Also their tool kit Start Empathy is more-than-worth to have a look at. Below there are few links to stories about changemakers with quite alternative approach to education: Asociación Azul Solidario - Veronica aims at giving access to high quality education to children from very rural areas of Argentina. ShareToy - students initiative of using their engineering skills and learning new things by repairing old toys and donate them to children from Portugal. Nauka Jest Fajna - alternative way of teaching science, involving kids in experimenting and making them love learning. Zwolnieni z Teorii - teaching youth and developing their social skills through planning and implementing social projects, there is a huge number of young people from Poland involved, it operates since few years in an online environment.

The Fools: teaching languages through having fun, in a Brazilian organic farm. InVento Innovation Lab - learning environmental education and understanding more about yourself through entrepreneurship. If you have more questions, just write a comment or send us a message and we promise to answer!

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