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I like Vietnam


I like Vietnam. First of all, it’s beautiful. And there are a lot of good people who want to help. What’s more, they have good, cheap food. And a lot of interesting initiatives. I’m not sure which of those things is the most important. Sometimes we cross the border of particular country and I just know that I’ll like it. It was like that with Vietnam.

There are of course some more difficult or tiring issues. For example almost nobody speaks English. Not at all. Not even one word. And everybody stubbornly try to speak and explain you things in Vietnamese, doesn’t matter how many times I show them that I don’t understand. What’s more people still believe that we have money only because we are from Europe, what quite often means higher prices for us. And also going out of the beaten tracks is quite difficult. Hitchhiking sooner or later finishes in the bus and try of camping in police station… Finally police will find you the cheapest hostel in town and take you there by motorbikes, but firstly there will be half an hour talk between more and more policeman, all in Vietnamese as none of them speaks English.

Although none of those change the good impression. Sometimes it’s enough to stop for a while and simply observe. It gives more than any kind of sightseeing and it’s much more interesting. What and how people do, especially out of touristic centers. It’s truly fascinating. Vietnamese never stop, which can be especially seen on the street. Unstoppable flow of motorbikes with some car or bus from time to time. It flows, not to fast but constantly. Without any break which makes it difficult to cross. The obstacles like pedestrians or other vehicles they omit, but never just stop to wait when other cross. It seems to be similar with Vietnamese attitude toward problems. If one way is not working, they just find another to go ahead, without stopping. We also go ahead, with challenges, difficulties, but constantly ahead, to the south, in direction of Ho Ci Minh City (Saigon)

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